Zampieri Dental Care | Digital Dentistry
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Digital Dentistry

Carestream CS 8200 3D

More powerful than ever, yet as simple as always, the Neo Edition of the CS 8200 3D delivers exceptional outcomes with unparalleled ease of use. Featuring an extended field of view that’s ideal for expanding treatment capabilities, this CBCT system is powered by premium imaging technologies and delivers superb image quality in every modality. Patients will see the difference in the versatile imaging and will make a difference in every decision we make.

3Shape TRIOS

TRIOS 3 is so intuitive you may almost forget it’s a high-tech, AI-driven tool. It doesn’t just capture teeth; it captures a patient’s reality. Patients will see unprecedented level of detail and accuracy on our screen within seconds – it’s easier than ever to engage.

We use TRIOS Smile Design to design your beautiful new smile in just minutes, based on a photo of your face. The photorealistic results align your expectations and help to alleviate any concerns you may have.

By way of a scanner that’s attached to a laptop, our doctors can generate crowns, bridges, and other dental necessities – quickly and painlessly. The scanner scans the teeth and then sends the images directly to our lab in California. Gone are the days of waiting two weeks or more to receive the permanent teeth back. With this new technology, the new teeth typically arrive within just five days.


Working from this digital platform, not only can our dentists quickly transfer files to the lab, they can also visually show patients diagnoses and treatment results, design complex restorations, and instantly share information with team members.

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