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CEREC Crowns

Dr. Michael Zampieri firmly believes that everyone who visits a dentist deserves full service, single-day comprehensive care for damaged and decayed teeth. This care includes providing fully fabricated dental crowns that are both functionally strong and aesthetically pleasing. Serving the Edgewater and Fort Lee communities, Zampieri Dental Care provides same-day porcelain crowns utilizing the CEREC System.


Treating Damaged Teeth with Crowns

Dental crowns are a common, vital dental prosthetic solution to protect and save a tooth. They help protect damaged and decayed teeth from further decay, the everyday strain of chewing, and reinfection (if the crown was placed as a result of a root canal). As dental technology has advanced, dental porcelain has become an increasingly popular material for crowns; not only is porcelain strong enough to protect the tooth, but it also mimics the appearance of healthy original teeth. Placing a crown is an important part of the dental treatments our Fort Lee dentist provides because it allows us to save the natural teeth.


However, a traditional crown would up to two weeks to fabricate, leaving the patient with a temporary solution until the final crown was shipped to his dental practice.


How CEREC Works

Utilizing the advanced technology of CEREC milling system, our patients no longer have to wait two weeks for their final restoration. This same day crown technology gives delivers a strong and aesthetic crown in one dental visit.


With CEREC’s advanced imaging technology, Dr. Zampieri can map out the shape of your tooth with complete accuracy. Then, with the in-office milling machine which comes with CEREC, our Fort Lee dentist can create a porcelain crown within the same appointment. When a root canal is completed or a tooth has finished being prepared for the crown, the porcelain crown is secured on the tooth for a convenient one day restoration.


Same Day Crowns in Fort Lee

With the CEREC System, Zampieri Dental Care provides same day porcelain crowns to regain oral health and a beautiful smile in one dental appointment. Our dedication to convenient, comprehensive oral care helps Edgewater and Fort Lee residents get the smiles of their dreams. To learn more, give our Fort Lee dentist a call today!

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